Pet sitter profiles

We’ve got a wonderful group of Lovelly pet sitters available across Australia, and even overseas, to care for your pets as if they are their own. Get to know them here and make sure to contact us to book one of our team in early!

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Introducing our Lovelly founder and pet sitter extraordinaire, Emma Lovelly!
“I’ll love your pets like my own!”

Emma Lovell is the founder and is based in Sydney and has been taking care of her own pets since she was 3 years old. Professionally she worked in a kennels from age 16 to 21 and has cared for, trained and groomed pets. She now loves travelling the world and stays in homes from India, England, USA and Germany. She’s happy to travel but her base will be here in Sydney and she can’t wait to meet your furry friend.


Introducing our favourite Marine Biologist and Pet Sitter superstar, Mathew
“Playtime and cuddles are my priority!”

Why do you love pets?
Love the companionship, and a good cuddle.

What are your hobbies?
Diving, soccer and gaming.

 The three words that best describe you?
Fun, Caring and Energetic!


Introducing our Pet Sitter Isabel, a Sydney based Student Nurse and animal lover!
Energetic and caring, a cat loving dog person!”

Why do you love pets?
Their joy and individual personalities, keeps it interesting!

What are your hobbies?
Bushwalking, cycling and reading.

Isabel kitty

Meet Sonia from Sydney.

“She is professional, caring and playful!”

Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
Walks! Love exercising together.

Must see pet movie?
Aristocats! Love the music.

Favourite pet?

sonia and jack

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Meet Victoria M. Pet lover, musician and active lady.
“Make sure your pets are safe and happy while you are away”

Why do you love pets?
I love animals, I love their company and their cuddles. I also enjoy helping the shy ones come out of their shell.

Favourite animal?

Fondest memory you have of your own pet or someone else’s?
My fondest memory would be when my cat Charlie sat on my lap for the first time. He came from the pound as was terrified of people, but after some patience he is now a happy as can be lap cat.


Meet Lexi! A Melbourne based Social Worker and Greyhound fan!
“Responsible lover of animals ready for pet walking, feeding, love and cuddles!”

This sitter has a big heart, she has fostered Greyhounds previously, is a social worker and loves being active! Your pets will adore playtime with Lexi.

Why do you love pets?
Oh where to start? Their unconditional love and playfulness, the excitement when you get home from work! Walks and cuddles.

What are your hobbies?
I like to keep active and try new things. This year I’m focussing on dance, learning salsa. I also swim, and do yoga regularly, which pets seem to love joining in on!




Our sitter Victoria C has been very popular and is often busy with bookings. She’s an experienced sitter and has professionally been sitting for 3 years. If there’s a pet story to tell, she’s got it!

Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
Depends on what the pet is into! I like finding out what makes a pet tick and how to make them happy.

Must see pet movie?
I have been obsessed with “Homeward Bound” since I was tiny, talking sassy cats- Hollywood doesn’t get better than that

victoria cullen

Introducing another of our wonderful sitters, Barb! Located in Victoria, Barb has a few furry friends of her own to keep her company when she’s not of an adventure of working as an Events Manager.

How long have you been pet sitting/ house sitting?
I have had Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hens, Ducks, Tortoises and a Sheep, throughout my life…there is always someone furry/ scaley in my life.

Why do you love pets?
I love the company, and their furry little ways, and bubbly personalities.

We love Barb! She’s a great sitter and loves your pets like her own. She shared these photos on Facebook and we think this pretty much sums it up!


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Today we are introducing one of our pet sitters, Andie. She is a proud puppy parent living on the Gold Coast, QLD with her Staghound Minerva aka Mini.

andrea lovell pet sitter

Los Angeles, California, USA 

We’d like to introduce another of our pet sitters, Cat! Located in between Los Angeles, California, USA, and at other times Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Cat has already made lots of furry friends like the adorable #Billiepuppy.



Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with one of our lovelly pet sitters.

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