Lovely Lexi will care for your pets in Melbourne

Introducing our pet sitter Lexi, a Melbourne based Social Worker and Greyhound lover! She is a responsible lover of animals ready for pet walking, feeding, love and cuddles!

Lexi 1

Do you have pets?
Not currently, have previously owned and fostered Greyhounds and had Schnauzers.

Why do you love pets?
Oh where to start? Their unconditional love and playfulness, the excitement when you get home from work! Walks and cuddles.


What are your hobbies?
I like to keep active and try new things. This year I’m focussing on dance, learning salsa. I also swim, and do yoga regularly, which pets seem to love joining in on!

Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
Exploring beautiful places on a walk, playing in the backyard or cuddles! Animal cuddles are the best!

Must see pet movie?
“Milo and Otis”


Lexi is available in Melbourne, Victoria.

Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Lexi.

Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters


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