Pet Sitter Vas in Melbourne says “I’ll pat you if you pat me.”

We welcome this hilarious, fun and caring pet sitter to the Melbourne Team. Vas is a pet lover who can’t have a pet. So what better way to combine passions then to bring her on board as a lovelly pet sitter. If you’re taking a break from lovelly Melbourne, make sure to get in touch with us and book Vas in for your pets!


Name: Vasanta (but you can call me Vas!)
Age: 30
Occupation: Operations Manager
Hometown: Gosford. Now based in Melbourne, Vic, Australia.

Why do you love pets?
Because they don’t judge me when I binge eat.

What are your hobbies?
Running, reading yoga, basically all sports.


Any advice for travellers who are leaving their pets at home?
Leave treats! For the pets of course… and me if you feel like it!

 Favourite Animal?


Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
Walking. Swimming at the beach.

Must see pet movie?
”Milo + Otis”

The words that best describe you?
Vivacious, Regimental, Candid.



Vas is available for pet sits in Melbourne
Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Vas.

Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters


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