Meet our Pet Sitter Matt

We’ve got a bunch of wonderful sitters in Sydney, but not many guys. Matt is one of our top sitters and has helped many families with their getaways while caring for their lovely pets.



Introducing our favourite Marine Biologist and Pet Sitter superstar, Matt.

“Playtime and cuddles are my priority!”

Name: Matt

Age: 28

Occupation: Marine Biologist and Sealife Aquarium Staff

Hometown: Gordon, NSW, Australia.

Mathew quick

Do you have pets?

A 12 year old Mini Schnauzer named “Coco”.


Why do you love pets?

Love the companionship, and a good cuddle.


What are your hobbies?

Diving, soccer and gaming.


Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?



Must see pet movie?

“Lilo and Stitch”


The best book to read for animal lovers?

“Red Wall” series by Brian Jacques


The three words that best describe you?

Fun, Caring and Energetic!



Matt is available for pet sits in Sydney primarily.

Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Mathew
Twitter: @lovellypetsits

Instagram: @lovellypetsits

Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters



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