Welcome to Lovelly Pet Sitters

We are proud to announce as of May 2016 Lovelly Pet Sitters is live!

We are Lovelly Pet Sitters. We have a group of lovely pet sitters who will care for your pets as if they are our own!

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Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, birds, fish, even chickens and ducks, we can give the love and attention your pets need.

You can contact us via email and social media:

Email: lovellypetlovellypetsitters@gmail.com
Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitter


We believe that pets belong in the comfort of their own home. Pets become attached to their territory. It’s hard when you want to take a holiday but don’t know what to do with your beloved furry and animal family members. Kennels and boarding houses can be expensive and also unsettling for a pet. Lovelly Pet Sitters come to your home and give loving care to your pets in their own home.

The other benefit of having someone take care of your pets in their own home is we also take care of the house! Gardening, deliveries and general security, we are there!


Emma Lovell is the founder and is based in Sydney and has been taking care of her own pets since she was 3 years old. Professionally she worked in a kennels from age 16 to 21 and has cared for, trained and groomed pets. She now loves travelling the world and stays in homes from India, England, USA and Germany. She’s happy to travel but her base will be here in Sydney and she can’t wait to meet your furry friend.


We have more amazing group of Lovelly Pet Sitters to introduce to you to, so head over to the website and get to know them there.

If you have a request that is outside Sydney, please do send us a message. We are happy to take on the odd travelling pet sitting and love exploring the world and meeting foreign furry friends. We also have sitters in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Los Angeles in USA.


Send us a message and let’s talk about your pets next in-house holiday!


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